Thursday, 20 August 2009


A lovely surprise came through the door today, it was this months ceramic review...
Thanks mr postman! :)

i get so excited when its time for a new issue, here are some pieces of work i find completely inspiring:

Herend Porcelain: Herend in Hungary is most famous for its long tradition of manufacturing fine porcelain. It was founded in 1826 and its one of the largest ceramic factories in the world, specialising in luxury hand painted and gilded vessels and figurative forms.

This is "Herend Porcelain" tableware
oooo so vintage and gorgeous. 

These are "Herend Porcelain" i love all the colours and the contrast between the colours and the gold lustre, and they are so fun!

Richard Batterham.

I really like the glazes on these vessels,
they are so earthy.

Just to add: these are my crochering book,
They are wonderful, ill put some pictures up of my little crocheted animals, tomorrow maybe.

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