Saturday, 22 August 2009

Dont mess with the nutcrackers....there is a whole army!

So, I started dancing when i was about 5 and i gave it up when i was 16, The first ballet I saw was The Nutcracker, and ever since i saw it, i've loved nutcracker's.

Today i was in work and i was pricing christmas....yes christmas in August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was just pricing baubles until i came across these...... 

I had a lot of fun pricing this little army of nutcrackers...i might have to treat myself to some when they are out on the shelves.

I also came across this lovely paper, it was wrapped around some father christmases.
it feels like material and it has little spots on it...i'm sure Ill find a use for it.

That was my very busy day at work! 
it was a very good day!

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