Saturday, 7 November 2009

Fabric and Wool.

Last week at university we were given another brief, at first it was abit of a shock to the system, because of all the other work that we all have.
The brief is for an exhibition at Brymbo Enterprise Centre, just before christmas, at first I was reluctant to produce any work because of the amount of work I have already, but after a tutorial with one of my tutors, she told me I didnt have to produce ceramic objects, this set alarm bells inside my ears, and I suddenly started to smile, thinking what I could tutor gave me some ideas of vessels made by fabric or wool.
she seemed to be quite impressed by the samples I had already made and was already starting to press into clay for texture.
for example:

I made this a few weeks ago by layering up some bits of fabric I had lying about and I sewn lines up and down, and then cut up the spaces which shows the layers really nice.
once I pressed this into they clay I found it didn't really have the same effect, so I think it would be really interesting to make some sort of bowl or vessel from it.
so the Brymbo exhibition is coming up, my main idea is to make a series of crocheted bowls different shapes and sizes... here are some examples:

I've used some really chunky wool for this bowl which keeps it quite stiff, I love this wool, it has bits of different colours in like red,green,blue and yellow, which make a very subtle impact, I have also added some lovely flowery fabric which makes it look more feminine,
I could see 3 of these little bowls sitting on a mantle piece, spaced out, as little ornamental pieces.

Here are some plain ones I made, I still like these because of the dots of colours in the wool.
I'm going to make more in different colours and sizes, I'm really excited about these little bowls.

on my way home from university yesterday I went to chester market, and looked at the fabric, I'm really loving flowery fabric at the moment, so I picked these little beauties up,

I'm excited to produce some really lovely bowls.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bernard Leach

I think i best write a blog on Bernard Leach,
most of my research is about Bernard Leach as I'm writing my dissertation on him and his pots.

Bernard Leach was born January 1887 in Hong Kong, where he stayed until he was 10, at the age of 16 he went to study drawing, and in 1909 he went back to Japan as an etcher. He attended a “Raku” party in 1911, and from then pottery remained a big part of his life.

In 1920 Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada set up the Leach Pottery in St Ives in Cornwall. Throughout Bernard Leach’s life he had inspired many with the books which held all his learning’s, such as The Potters Book first published in 1940, which was regarded as the potters bible, and The Potters Challenge 1976.

He wanted to bring to Britain a Harmony in pottery which he had learned in the Far East, due to craftsmanship being in decline at the time in Britain. He travelled to Japan many times throughout his life and he gained a reputation as a potter around the world, this is when his talents as a writer and a draughtsman were overlooked “No one who knew him could remain unaffected by his enthusiasm as an artist and a communicator”.

Bernard had two sons, David and Michael who later became potters and now continue their father’s legacy.

Bernard Leach signature .

Leach bottle vase.

Bernard Leach covered pot.

I love Bernard Leach, he is such an inspiring potter.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

"Granny Crockery" - Kate O'Connell

So, recently i discovered an artist called Kate O'Connell,
her ceramics was in Ceramic Review a few months ago.

I really like the way she takes useless pieces of smashed plates, and makes them functional.
I find the contrast of traditional plates such as the Willow pattern, and the modern quirkiness of the colours and sharp edges.

Although i don't condone smashing up plates, (on purpose).
i love the fact she has still managed to keep them functional.
Kate O'Connell also hand makes the bigger plates,by taking a piece of plate that has thoughtfully smashed into a graceful shape, and copies the shape to make it bigger and of course functional.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Lovely Porcelain!

I have been very busy lately, i've been selling my crocheted products and getting my university work sorted, i'm going to take this opportunity to show you what i've been making.
i've been working alot with texture recently.

This is porcelain clay, thats been rolled out really thinly,
and put in a mould to get the clay to take a vessel form, i've also added a foot ring to give the vessel some height. i've also been experimenting with underglaze colours, which are really interesting, if you want to add some colour without actually glazing, i think porcelain looks really lovely and has a nice feel when its fired really high, so my plan is to not add much colour, i want to keep it as simple as possible, i really like the torn edges i think it makes it look unique and interesting.

I bought these Underglaze colours last year sometime and i've finally put them to good use
i think they are so nice to use, and give amazing affects especially on textured ceramics.

Underglaze on textures Porcelain.

My Tutor at university shown me how to get porcelain paper thin and apparently the clay will turn translucent when its fired which i'm really excited to see, i started to really play around with really thin porcelain, i think porcelain clay is really lovely to handle, and its so attractive, once its fired, you find yourself not wanting to take the natural beauty away from the clay by adding glazes.

i'm excited to get some more vessels made tomorrow, and to play with porcelain and texture abit more!