Monday, 31 January 2011

Crochet a Rainbow...

Here are my 10 granny squares for Crochet a Rainbow:

more WW1 postcards, from my lovely Nan!

These lovely postcards are becoming my most favourite things...

"Souvenie De Belgique"

"A Joyful X-mas"




"Best Love"

"Good Luck"

"To Phyllis, With Daddy's best wish for a Happy Birthday and may you have many more to follow this one and daddy hopes that he may be with you all again before your next Birthday comes around."

"Bonne Annee"


"To My Dear Children."
"With all good wishes for a happy and prosperous new year to you all and Mother, and Daddy hopes he will soon be home with you all for good."

Spring Memories!

I'm felling all inspired by the spring coming... I suppose thats the good thing about working in a Garden Centre.
I seem to get all excited for the seasons really early!

Buttercups are always nice for me to see, it brings back so many childhood memories, the whole of my family always went out for walks in spring/summer, and my nan would say "Amy, go and pick that buttercup..." and as i always obey my nan I ran along to pick the buttercup up, the she went around me and my brother's putting it under our chin's and asked us if we liked butter, I was always shocked when she got to my brother Ben, it never glowed under his chin...and he didnt like butter, it always made me go all goosepimply.

So I've been making lots and lots of flowers.
and I just love this crocheted buttercup.
The really dark green in the center and the really bright yellow contrast each other so well, It makes me feel like walking in the Meadow by my Nans house again!

hurry up spring!

Friday, 28 January 2011

With my love,

Sometimes while i'm working at the Military Museum I find some of the most beautiful artifacts I have probably ever seen,

when I see artifacts like this I always feel sad when they have to go back in the box they came from. So I always try and take a picture of it, mainly so I can show people, I feel like i'm bringing it to life again when I tell this story...

"I am thinking of you"

"With my love"

During the war when soldier's got injured, whilst they were in the hospital recovering they would hand make these "Postcards" (as they called them) to their loved ones...

I remember my reaction when I was told that story, I was so shocked, I couldnt believe somebody (nevermind a male) could make something like this. They are just so neat and perfect, I was probably surprised because I could never make something as stunning at these postcards.



Over the past three thursdays at the Military Museum we've had a new Volunteer on placement,
I only got to work with her on her first thursday, but we got on really well...
so I made her a keyring with a little Forget-me-not hanging from it,

here is a picture...

I've made quite a few since, because it seemed to be a big hit, and they are so easy and quick to make.
I think they green yarn is also really pretty!

Crochet a Rainbow...

These are the first few Granny Squares I have made for Crochet a Rainbow over at, Sarah London's blog.

I really like making things that I know will do some good!

I'm going to go and make some more now...


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

So, my lovely friend Gemma over at, gemmipopdesigns just gave me Stylish Blogger Award, Exciting huh?
Thank you so much i'm all fuzzy and happy!

It seems the award comes with a few jobs...

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave me this award,

2. Share 7 things about yourself,

3. Award 15 Bloggers,

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

so here goes,

1. I love Museums, i am currently volunteering in Chester's Military museum, its incredible, i get to rummage around (carefully) in boxes filled with soldiers diaries, letters, pay books, i get to see photographs of the soldiers so while i'm looking at what was their belongings i have a vivid picture of what the owner looked like, you could say i'm very lucky to have an opportunity like that.

2. I love music, I couldnt live without it, heres a list of my favorites...

Paramore (my ultimate favorite, they have been since I was 15...)

Cheap Trick,

Chapel Club,

Cherry Ghosts ,

Fall Out Boy,

Paper Route, (So much love for them...)


Letters to Cleo,

David Bowie,

The Beatles,

Florence and the Machine,

Erasure, (you have my permission to giggle!)
I also love Beethoven, I have a slight obsession with Symphony no. 7 in A Major,op. 92 II- Allegretto. (it gives me goosebumps, everytime!)

3. I am an avid movie goer,my favourite film is The Fall, (Lee Pace, Oufft!) I also liked the film Black Swan. I like tv shows, like Spaced, Flight of the Concords, The Tudors, Merlin and Doctor Who (David Tennant is my favorite Doctor.)

4. I love ceramics, I studied it in University, I own about 6 pieces of Wedgwood ceramics, some have been kindly given to me by a lovely lady I work with, and a few which my mum bought me, I love them. I also own two little Carlton Ware plates, which take pride of place on my wall, I am also very fond of Bernard Leach, if I could meet anyone dead or alive, it would be him!

5. I love crocheting and patchwork/quilting, i'm always making various things. I'm currently crocheting a blanket, trying to use up my yarn, but failing, I bought a few more balls of yarn as I was getting bored of the colours I already owned! my selection of yarn is getting bigger and bigger...

6. I have the best friends and family ever... I hate seeing my friends treated badly, I will stick up for them, everytime!

7. I hate bread, dont ask why, its a weird phobia thing...

so, the 15 bloggers i want to pass the award on to are....

so there we have it...

Thanks again Gem!