Friday, 29 January 2010

Big news of this week...

Hello Happy Bloggers...
I've took on my first BIG commision...which is rather exciting but I must not let myself get so excited it takes over my uni work.
although its nice that I can work it into my work for uni.

The commision is for a blanket, my mum's friend wants me to make the blanket out of little squares so she made me a template with measurements ect on...

She also bought the wool she wanted me to use...And I was immediately shocked and unable to stop myself from having a root through the 2 bags full!
and of course I started making the granny squares straight away...
I heart Granny Squares...Nuff' said...

This is a scary but exciting "real world" experience and I cant wait to finish this commission so I can feel that feel of fulfillment...
and hopefully the career I've always wanted will get underway
which I'm so fired up for!

Monday, 25 January 2010

My new Cowl, and meet Nee! :o)

Today has been a good day, I've had such a laugh with a few of my gorgeous friends at uni...more on that in a minute!
first though...
Yesterday I finished this "Cowl". Its lovely and I'm so proud of it!
I added the flower, to make it more feminine. I think the contrast of the green and orange is really interesting, and I added a button in the middle of the flower which has a ship on it.
It goes with my obsession of old boats and pirate ships.
i love it! :o)

Today was really busy in the ceramics room, and I cant work when it's busy, so I went into the Jewellery/Metalwork room to work in my sketch book... and ended up making this:-
This is Nee the Neanderthal, I made him while playing with some modeling clay.
he now lives on my lovely friend Gemma's desk...So he can make her smile!
I think he does his job...You cant help but to smile when you look at him!

Friday, 22 January 2010

"Where is that crochet hook?" "Amy, its in your hair!" "oh yeah!".

Well, thats the first week back at uni out of the way...It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be!
I have a few ideas I'm really excited about.
Today was a really productive day I took the day off uni and put a few ideas down on paper and thought about measurements. and filled some pages in my sketch book.
After I was finished drawing, I sat down with my laptop and possibly my favourite band You Me At Six playing in my ears and wrote alot of my dissertation I was surprised how easily it came, I'm feeling very happy about my work at the moment! :o)

Because I felt like I got somewhere with my uni work today I decided to treat myself and to crocheting the rest of the day... first of all I finished the Jewellery Pouch i've been making:

I think the colours are really nice.

I've been inspired by one of my tutors at uni to crochet a neckwarmer
this is the start of it, I'm using a 10mm hook, and double knit wool, i'm probably breaking all the rules but I love the effect of the really loose tension.
I'm not following a pattern, I'm just trying different stitches, which I'm really excited about!

We also had our first knitting group last night, which was really fun, I cant wait for next week!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Go Back Home Now...Go Back To Sleep...

My brain is to active to send me to sleep, so i though i'd blog again, because while having tea with my family i was talking to them about texture, and came up with an idea of crocheting doilies and pressing them into clay... so that's what i've been up to...

I love making doilies, the pattern I'm following is from a really old magazine called Phildar, that was given to me by my mums friend. It has gorgeous retro bed spreads and table mats in it.

I used to watch my nan knit when I was little and think "how does she do that?..How does she have the patience?" but now I see what the attraction is. Its so nice to sit with some music in your ears and just Crochet or Knit...while thinking about absolutely nothing...

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post...

This is the pattern I'm following:

Eventually I'm going to make 3 (mostly because of my obsession of things being in 3's...its weird I know!) , different sizes, and then I'm going to press them into different size plates, which will be thrown on the wheel.

now this idea is safe here, I might actually be able to get some sleep ready for a busy day at Uni tomorrow...

ohh the beauty of Blogger!

University and stuff...

Woahhh, i think i have a bit of catching up to do as I havnt blogged in a while...
firstly I had a wonderful christmas and birthday, filled with lovely presents and people who can make any rainy day bright.

I finally finished the blanket I was making for my brothers girlfriend, it ended up a belated christmas present because I didnt finish in time...

I think she really liked it, the blanket went straight over her shoulders to keep her warm in this very cold weather, I think I'm going to have to make me one!

I've just started back at uni after a bit of a tough assesment and christmas and a bit of an extension due to the snow...

Yesterday was a bit of a blur, and I feel like I went through the day numb to any kind of feeling.
After a chat with my tutors I felt like I knew what I needed to do and started to get excited by the thought of playing with clay again...So I'm all fired up and experimenting with pattern, and finding out what looks good on the clay and what doesnt...

Stay tuned to see why I'm using pattern, its quite exciting!