Monday, 21 September 2009

"For the moons shining high and the dew is wet and on the mossy moors they're dancing yet"

Hello! i havnt blogged for a while, so i think i better get back into the swing of things!

I've been on holiday for a week, i went to St Ives which i loved! it is such an inspiring place, here are some pictures:

This is the sunset i could of sat there watching it forever.

This is the town, it was such a small place i wish i lived there!
one day maybe.

This is the harbor it was just outside our door.

Whilst in St Ives i visited the Tate, Barbara Hepworth, Bernard Leach Studio, i did lots of drawing, and me and my family also went crabbing it was so much fun, and i lost a few crabs because of my excitement, but after a while i found myself getting a bit competitive!

This is The Tate-St Ives

They did all go back into the water! we watched them drift off into the sea as we waved bye!

I Loved the Bernard Leach Studio, it was so good and interesting, he was a fantastic potter, and gentleman!
This is Lands End it was a lovely place, there was a doctor who exhibition and all sorts of fun activities and pretty views, (the ice cream was good too!)

so i'm now back and ready to go back to university with my sketch book full of inspiration,
i cant wait!

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