Monday, 2 November 2009

Lovely Porcelain!

I have been very busy lately, i've been selling my crocheted products and getting my university work sorted, i'm going to take this opportunity to show you what i've been making.
i've been working alot with texture recently.

This is porcelain clay, thats been rolled out really thinly,
and put in a mould to get the clay to take a vessel form, i've also added a foot ring to give the vessel some height. i've also been experimenting with underglaze colours, which are really interesting, if you want to add some colour without actually glazing, i think porcelain looks really lovely and has a nice feel when its fired really high, so my plan is to not add much colour, i want to keep it as simple as possible, i really like the torn edges i think it makes it look unique and interesting.

I bought these Underglaze colours last year sometime and i've finally put them to good use
i think they are so nice to use, and give amazing affects especially on textured ceramics.

Underglaze on textures Porcelain.

My Tutor at university shown me how to get porcelain paper thin and apparently the clay will turn translucent when its fired which i'm really excited to see, i started to really play around with really thin porcelain, i think porcelain clay is really lovely to handle, and its so attractive, once its fired, you find yourself not wanting to take the natural beauty away from the clay by adding glazes.

i'm excited to get some more vessels made tomorrow, and to play with porcelain and texture abit more!


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