Saturday, 7 November 2009

Fabric and Wool.

Last week at university we were given another brief, at first it was abit of a shock to the system, because of all the other work that we all have.
The brief is for an exhibition at Brymbo Enterprise Centre, just before christmas, at first I was reluctant to produce any work because of the amount of work I have already, but after a tutorial with one of my tutors, she told me I didnt have to produce ceramic objects, this set alarm bells inside my ears, and I suddenly started to smile, thinking what I could tutor gave me some ideas of vessels made by fabric or wool.
she seemed to be quite impressed by the samples I had already made and was already starting to press into clay for texture.
for example:

I made this a few weeks ago by layering up some bits of fabric I had lying about and I sewn lines up and down, and then cut up the spaces which shows the layers really nice.
once I pressed this into they clay I found it didn't really have the same effect, so I think it would be really interesting to make some sort of bowl or vessel from it.
so the Brymbo exhibition is coming up, my main idea is to make a series of crocheted bowls different shapes and sizes... here are some examples:

I've used some really chunky wool for this bowl which keeps it quite stiff, I love this wool, it has bits of different colours in like red,green,blue and yellow, which make a very subtle impact, I have also added some lovely flowery fabric which makes it look more feminine,
I could see 3 of these little bowls sitting on a mantle piece, spaced out, as little ornamental pieces.

Here are some plain ones I made, I still like these because of the dots of colours in the wool.
I'm going to make more in different colours and sizes, I'm really excited about these little bowls.

on my way home from university yesterday I went to chester market, and looked at the fabric, I'm really loving flowery fabric at the moment, so I picked these little beauties up,

I'm excited to produce some really lovely bowls.

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