Tuesday, 2 February 2010

inspiration and stuff...

I've had a vey good day today.
It hasnt really been productive for me, but its been really nice to see my brother get so excited about his latest work.

My brother, Ben is interested in Fine Art and he's been making pictures out of symbols in Microsoft Word, the picture are like surrealism.

I think they are so interesting. he's now took to painting these pictures onto a canvas.

This is just the start of it, I'm probably just as excited as him to see what it will look like when it's finished.

To give him some inspiration I made him an "Inspiration sheet" I put lots of gothic pictures and pictures of Sherlock Holmes on it as thats where he's getting most of his ideas from.

Me and Ben were talking and we thought it would be really good to work as a collaboration and I could transfer some of his creations onto porcelain bowls... I think this would be really good and lots of fun!

He also found these really groovy "paper pallets" which contain 5o sheets and then you can just chuck them away when your finished with them!
I must say they are very clever!

Also my commission is going very well i've now done 34 granny squares...

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