Friday, 22 January 2010

"Where is that crochet hook?" "Amy, its in your hair!" "oh yeah!".

Well, thats the first week back at uni out of the way...It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be!
I have a few ideas I'm really excited about.
Today was a really productive day I took the day off uni and put a few ideas down on paper and thought about measurements. and filled some pages in my sketch book.
After I was finished drawing, I sat down with my laptop and possibly my favourite band You Me At Six playing in my ears and wrote alot of my dissertation I was surprised how easily it came, I'm feeling very happy about my work at the moment! :o)

Because I felt like I got somewhere with my uni work today I decided to treat myself and to crocheting the rest of the day... first of all I finished the Jewellery Pouch i've been making:

I think the colours are really nice.

I've been inspired by one of my tutors at uni to crochet a neckwarmer
this is the start of it, I'm using a 10mm hook, and double knit wool, i'm probably breaking all the rules but I love the effect of the really loose tension.
I'm not following a pattern, I'm just trying different stitches, which I'm really excited about!

We also had our first knitting group last night, which was really fun, I cant wait for next week!

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  1. I'm doing a knitted version in that nice white wool I showed you last night, it's coming along well! The pouch looks ace, really love those colours together! I've been treating myself to knitting too, it's nice at the end of a long day! Glad your dissertation is going well!xxx