Friday, 28 January 2011

With my love,

Sometimes while i'm working at the Military Museum I find some of the most beautiful artifacts I have probably ever seen,

when I see artifacts like this I always feel sad when they have to go back in the box they came from. So I always try and take a picture of it, mainly so I can show people, I feel like i'm bringing it to life again when I tell this story...

"I am thinking of you"

"With my love"

During the war when soldier's got injured, whilst they were in the hospital recovering they would hand make these "Postcards" (as they called them) to their loved ones...

I remember my reaction when I was told that story, I was so shocked, I couldnt believe somebody (nevermind a male) could make something like this. They are just so neat and perfect, I was probably surprised because I could never make something as stunning at these postcards.


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