Monday, 31 January 2011

Spring Memories!

I'm felling all inspired by the spring coming... I suppose thats the good thing about working in a Garden Centre.
I seem to get all excited for the seasons really early!

Buttercups are always nice for me to see, it brings back so many childhood memories, the whole of my family always went out for walks in spring/summer, and my nan would say "Amy, go and pick that buttercup..." and as i always obey my nan I ran along to pick the buttercup up, the she went around me and my brother's putting it under our chin's and asked us if we liked butter, I was always shocked when she got to my brother Ben, it never glowed under his chin...and he didnt like butter, it always made me go all goosepimply.

So I've been making lots and lots of flowers.
and I just love this crocheted buttercup.
The really dark green in the center and the really bright yellow contrast each other so well, It makes me feel like walking in the Meadow by my Nans house again!

hurry up spring!

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